Saturday, October 31, 2009

Facial Cleanser

Best facial cleanser according to my friends:

nabila: safi-mentimun
fizah: garnier

fatty: follow-me
alya: safi-mentimun
yana: AG-200

me? T3-anti-bacterial

they said these cleanser are good for your face: reduce acne, oily, and pigmentation.

3 easy steps for you!

to make you feel more confidence, here are some tips for your eyes look more glowing...

put an eye shadow. try on 3 different color of palette. try using lightens color for first apply that can make your eyes look apply the medium shade for a little hint and lastly is the darkest color to define your eye's shape.
My suggestion: eye shadow brand Fasio

lining your eyes with liqiud liner on the top lid and above it use pencil eye liner..
My suggestion: Avon eye liner

swipe on your mascara to make your lashes more curl.
Warning: avoid from using mascara that are more than six months.
My suggestion: CLINIQUE mascara

My celebrity inspiration:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

as my junior always said...

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...

is it true? do you agree with it? As we know every people have different perception towards someone beauty ...and..i do like this quote... it shows that the person who believed in this quote is not choosy...i respect those who are not being choosy..however in nowadays we don't know whether the beauty of an individual is really natural because many people in today had done plastic surgery to make they look beautiful..and as for me..these people doesn't know how to appreciate their natural beauty which God had given to us..we should be thankful to have perfect face with pairs of eyes, lip, nose and others compared to people who are born with not perfect people out there, be thankful and grateful of what we have because if we being dis thankful, God will might take back what we have and we will be regret for it..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Say NO to zits...

Here are some tips a.k.a advice or whatever i would like to share with all of ya'...

Nowadays, many product are sold at the market for anti-pimples. however, not every product are suitable and effective...yet, eventhough the pimples seems reduce but it will reappear again some other times...therefore, to make your pimples never come back...try this traditional way...

1) mix 3 spoon of honey & a teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste
2) apply the mixture on the zits before going to bed
3) next morning, wash your face with warm water

Try this for about 2 weeks or more and see the differences. InsyaAllah...
All da' best!